Connecticut Warbler – skulker extraordinaire

September 23:    Drove to Manchester, CT hoping to photograph the migrant Connecticut Warbler at the Laurel Marsh trail. The species has a unique loud musical “chip note,” and a few times it actually even sang an incomplete song, suggesting a young male, but it behaved typically so although everyone there did get to see it (for a few seconds at a few Magnolia Warbler - first fallBlackpoll Warbler - first fallwidely-spaced intervals), no photo was possible since it kept pretty much to the shadows and dense brush – as this species unfortunately is wont to do. In the entire time, of several hours, this bird was in view for a total of no more than forty seconds. The best photo ops of the morning instead were first-fall Magnolia and Blackpoll Warblers and a group of five (probably first-year) Purple Finches.

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