Florida Warbler Migration

April 30: My old reliable Canon 7D camera died at the end of our Colorado trip, but when I sent it in to the Canon repair facility in Newport News, VA for a repair estimate, theyWorm-eating Warbler wanted over $900 which it turns out is more than the cost of a brand new 7D. The 7D has had a major price drop because of the release of the new 7D Mark II which isBlack-throated Blue Warbler - female faster, has more pixels, and a host of new features, so the old camera is now officially junk and, as of yesterday, I have a new Mark II ordered as always from good old reliable B&H in NYC. The timing is fortuitous as migration is presently in full swing here in south Florida, with warblers galore.

Blackpoll WarblerMy new favorite spot for migrants is Lantana Nature Preserve in Lantana, the very same spot where the La Sagra’s Flycatcher was a few weeks ago. A few days agoOvenbird there were multiple Worm-eating Warblers there, and today in one hour I counted 53 Ovenbirds and over 40 Blackpolls among ten warbler species, and I’m sure I missed at least half the Ovenbirds – they were just everywhere. My favorite today was a Cape May Warblerbeautiful crisp male Cape May Warbler which perched cooperatively on a low branch in perfect light.

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