Fort Lauderdale – Spot-breasted Orioles

Spot-breasted OrioleMay 8:  Of all the south Florida resident species, it would be hard to find one more stunning than the Spot-breasted Oriole, a large icterid with brilliant orange plumage highlighted with black, and a beautiful melodious whistle for a song. There is good reason it remains high on the target list for visiting birders from out of state. It frequents suburban neighborhoods, but tends to be quite local, so word of mouth is the best means of finding a reliable location. Today featured a nesting pair with two fledglings in a residential area of Fort Lauderdale.

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  1. Barry cohen says:

    Beautiful bird! I’m interested in what neighborhood you were in. My family lives in Sunrise and Plantation. I’ll be going down at the end of the summer, around August and would love the chance to see one. I’m currently in South Africa, getting ready to do a bit of birding tomorrow.
    Love the new look of the site. Grea job!

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