Green Cay Wetlands – Least Bitterns and more

Yellow-breasted ChatMarch 13:  Seven warbler species today, including the reclusive Yellow-breasted Chat that has been hanging out to the left of the entry walk for the past few weeks, and the  bobcatLeast Bittern and eggs was skulking around in the same area. There is a Least Bittern nest containing three eggs within fifteen feet of the boardwalk, but so well concealed that you would never notice it if you didn’t know where it was. The female leaves the nest for a few minutes every once in a while to snatch a small fish or two, and then promptly returns to resume sitting on her eggs. MigratorySolitary Sandpiper shore birds are just beginning to show up, with a Solitary Sandpiper and a Greater Yellowlegs on the mud flats this afternoon.  Lots of Painted Buntings at the feeders.

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