Pink-footed Goose in Connecticut

Pink-footed GooseNovember 22:  Late in the afternoon of November 20, a rare Pink-footed Goose was discovered amongst a large flock of Canada Geese on the large pond at Fisher Meadows in Avon, Connecticut. A large contingent of hopeful birders (myself included) descended on the spot early the next morning but the goose wasn’t to be seen again all that day. Tina Green relocated it this morning in a flock of several hundred Canada Geese on the pond at Winding Trails not far away in neighboring Farmington, at the very spot I myself had checked the previous afternoon with not a bird in sight. After offering a splendid two-hourPink-footed Goose viewing and photo opportunity enjoyed by many of the same group that had been at Fisher Meadows the day before, the entire flock was spooked by two people in a canoe and took off en masse, separating into smaller groups that headed in different directions. Interestingly, the Pink-footed Goose was found again a short time later back at Fisher Meadows where it had been originally seen. This is another new ABA photo species (no. 708) for

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