White-winged Parakeet

White-winged ParakeetMarch 9:  This morning we checked out a known spot for White-winged Parakeet (the fourth new species of 2014 for birdspix.com) just south of Miami International Airport in “Little Havana.” These sociable birds are noisy and thus notYellow-chevroned Parakeet hard to locate in their nesting palm trees adjacent to a large bank building. The white on the wings is very prominent in flight, but not as obvious when the wings are folded. There are a few Yellow-chevroned Parakeets mixed in with the group, providing a nice comparison between the two species which were formerly considered to be conspecific. At first glance the two species look similar, but besides lacking the white on the wings, Yellow-chevroned has a prominent white eye ring and feathered lores (the space between the eye and the beak).

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