American Bittern


(Botaurus lentiginosus)

American Bittern is well-camouflaged and secretive by nature, usually in hiding among tall reeds, and is not often seen in the open. Makes unique and bizarre “OONK-A-LUNK” call.

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4 Responses to American Bittern

  1. Jeri Spann says:

    Hi, John: wonderful pictures of Bitterns. I am writing a children’s book (working title, “Herons and Haiku”) and will be featuring 12 herons including the Bittern. Each haiku will be paired with a high resolution photo related to the haiku’s content. I am having difficulty getting good Bittern shots. I wonder how much you would charge for the use of the bittern shot showing the bird well hidden in marsh grass with only its head, bill and neck showing—beak pointing right (taken Oct 25, 2007). —Jeri

    • john says:

      Jeri, please see your personal e-mail.

      • Jeri Spann says:

        Hi, John: writing again about the two Bittern pictures taken in Madison, CT. Both show the Bittern hiding in Marsh grass with only neck and head showing. You indicated that a response would appear in my personal email but I haven’t found an email as yet.—Jeri Spann

        • john says:

          Jeri, I apologize but I am just seeing this message for the first time as I do not log on to check the comments on the web site on a regular basis. The best way to reach me is by e-mail to I get those immediately.

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