Würdemann’s Heron

(Ardea herodias)

Würdemann’s Heron is the name given to intermediate color morphs that are the result of a mating of a dark (blue) morph Great Blue Heron with a white morph Great Blue Heron (Great White Heron).  These intermediate morphs tend to be concentrated in south Florida.

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5 Responses to Würdemann’s Heron

  1. Carl says:

    Absolutely sure I just saw one in the pond behind my house in Olathe, Kansas. (7-3-2016) It had the whitish neck with a rust-brown center neck area. Mostly grey on the back and body. Those lower neck feathers were very spiked and spread out in appearance pointing straight down. Tried to get picture out the back bedroom window, but he or she was very observant and took off without hesitation.

    • john says:

      Even though they are all smaller, check out the other heron species, especially Tricolored Heron and see what you think. Wurdemann’s is the hybrid of the two Great Blue Heron morphs and is pretty much unheard of outside of south Florida.

  2. Jan says:

    I blieve we saw one on our pond in Upton, ma. What would he be doing up here??

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