Spot-breasted Oriole


(Icterus pectoralis)

Spot-breasted Oriole is a south Florida specialty.

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4 Responses to Spot-breasted Oriole

  1. Glenn Christie says:

    John—-This is the most thorough collectiion of Orioles I’ve ever seen. Thank you.. Glenn

    • john says:

      Thanks, glad you found it helpful.

    • Janet says:

      Just saw ur spot breasted oriole in my rose of Sharon tree, just beautiful, i live in the Bronx

      • john says:

        A Spot-breasted Oriole in New York state would be unprecedented. In the US they are known only in south Florida, and even there they are very local and not common. My guess is you had a Baltimore Oriole, unless you saw the bird while visiting in Florida.

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