White-tailed Eagle


(Haliaeetus albicilla)

A very large bird with an eight-foot wing-span, White-tailed Eagle is a Eurasian species, with only a handful of North American sightings, all in the Bering Sea in the Pribilofs or on Saint Lawrence Island.  This species is also sometimes called Erne (or Ern), Sea Eagle, or White-tailed Sea Eagle.

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2 Responses to White-tailed Eagle

  1. Patty Forister says:

    White-tailed Eagle sighting Columbus Indiana. Same area that I spotted a Bald Eagle a year ago. Sounds crazy, but I can’t find any other raptor that has the solid stark white tail. Very distinctive.

    • john says:

      Adult Bald Eagle has a white tail. I am not aware of a single White-tailed Eagle sighting in the lower forty-eight. They are rare even in the Alaskan islands.

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