Nanday Parakeet


(Aratinga nendaya - formerly Nandayus nenday)

Also known as Black-hooded Parakeet, Nanday Parakeet is one of a number of Psittacids in North America that are descendants of escapees, but have established small populations in certain suburban areas, primarily in Florida and California. They are native to South America.  As of November, 2012 Nanday Parakeet is an ABA “countable” species. It was placed into the genus Aratinga in July, 2014.

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11 Responses to Nanday Parakeet

  1. Vivian Rieger says:

    I have 5 black hooded parakeets visiting my feeder. I’m in St. John’s county, St. Augustine, on the barrier islands, Summer Haven area.

  2. Jan Hartman says:

    We have a few in Dunedin Fl- They have taken over an old Pileated Wood Pecker hole

  3. Janet says:

    Aha!! We have black-hooded parakeets that have taken over our Pileated Woodpecker cavity! They are easy (and noisy) to spy on Venice Island!

  4. Marnie says:

    I will be heading to Florida in April/May of 2016. What is the most reliable place in South Florida to see the Nanday Parakeets? I could use some help on a location, please. Thanks.

    • john says:

      Three places to look are Snook Island Natural Area (where Lake Worth Road meets the Intracoastal), Loxahatchee NWR (off route 441 in Boynton Beach) on the wires along the main road just past the left turn to the Marsh Trail, and Boynton Beach Inlet Park. Remember that parakeets are nomadic during the day. They come and go to their roosting areas, so you have to time it lucky – but the more patience you have the luckier you will be.

  5. Cheryl Follansbee says:

    First time for seeing 3 black hooded Parakeets. We’re in Parrish, FL. They’re eating a large volunteer sunflower. They’re beautiful to watch. They can be loud talking to each other.

  6. Rhonda says:

    I just saw 12-14 on power lines at A1A Beach and 16th street in St. Augustine. We own a vacation rental near this corner and over the last few years I have been lucky enough to see them in this same area when we were here. I think today makes the 5th time. They must like this area as I have read that others have seen them in this same location.

  7. Sharon says:

    I just saw six of them in Pinellas Park Fl they were in my bird feeder . They were beautiful. I have lived here three years first time seeing.

  8. Barb Domin says:

    Just had a small flock (4-6) on Siesta Key, Florida. Perching on a Jatrophia tree.

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