Fox Sparrow (slate-colored)


(Passerella iliaca schistacea)

See also Fox Sparrow red (Tiaga) race,  sooty (Pacific) race. and thick-billed race.

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2 Responses to Fox Sparrow (slate-colored)

  1. Tom Crabtree says:

    John, the birds pictured from the Entrada burn in Bend are Thick-billed Fox Sparrows of the fulva subspecies. Notice the horn-colored bill. Slate-colored Fox Sparrows breed significantly farther east in Oregon.

    • john says:

      Tom, you are entirely correct, and thank you very much for noticing and pointing that out. The Thick-billed Fox Sparrow will be getting its own page on the web site. The funny thing is I spent some time especially looking for this subspecies in California, not realizing I had actually earlier found it in Oregon!

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