Gray-cheeked Thrush


(Catharus minimus)

Gray-cheeked Thrush breeds in Alaska and northern Canada and is seen in the lower forty-eight only during migration. It is identified by the process of elimination, as it shows neither the buffy eye ring and facial features of Swainson’s Thrush, nor the reddish tail of Hermit Thrush.

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2 Responses to Gray-cheeked Thrush

  1. Cynthia Capito says:

    Thank you for this post – very informative. I’ve finally identified the newest visitor to my Savannah, GA winter feeders: the Gray-Cheeked Thrush, thanks to your site.

    • john says:

      Cindy, a picture would help if you can get one. Gray-cheeked Thrushes migrate out of the country in the winter. The only one of the spotted thrushes found in the US during the winter is the Hermit Thrush, best identified by its reddish tail. At this time of year that is more than likely what you saw.

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