Red-winged Blackbird


(Agelaius phoeniceus)

Red-winged Blackbird is one of North America’s most common and widespread species and is found in all kinds of habitats, from marshes to woodlands to back yards. The male has the namesake colorful wing epaulet, which it flaunts during mating season.  The female is brown and often mistaken for a sparrow, but the bird is larger than any sparrow and the breast is very coarsely streaked.

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2 Responses to Red-winged Blackbird

  1. Pat Rutowski says:

    My name is Pat Rutowski and I am in a California Naturalist class at Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History in Pacific Grove, CA that requires a community service project. I am making interpretive signage for a school-garden project called MEarth in Carmel Valley.

    I would like to use your photo of the redwing blackbird at Green Cay wetlands from May 4, 2009 and can send you a mock-up of the poster if you respond by e-mail.

    I get no money for this project and the sign will be posted either in its present foamcore draft state for special events for the public or students, or it will be made into a permanent sign in the future.

    Will you give us permission to use the photo and how would you like to be credited? Thank you for any assistance you can provide.

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