Purple Martin

Purple Martin house 1249

Purple Martin house

Purple Martin house
Green Cay Wetlands, Boynton Beach, FL
April 22, 2011 ©John Schwarz

Purple Martin house

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2 Responses to Purple Martin house 1249

  1. Marilyn Snyde says:

    Is it too late in the season to expect purple martins to arrive in my two houses in Delray Beach, Florida?

    • john says:

      Well, the Martin houses at Green Cay have been occupied for over a month already, so I would expect that if Purple Martins were going to be occupying your houses this season they would be there by now. However, having said that, every Purple Martin house was new once and eventually became occupied so there is hope for the future. Where are your houses situated on your property? Be certain that plenty of open space surrounds them on all sides.

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