Nutting’s Flycatcher


(Myiarchus nuttingi)

Nutting’s Flycatcher is a Central American species, occurring rarely in the U.S., although it has been reliably seen in recent years in western Arizona.


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2 Responses to Nutting’s Flycatcher

  1. sherry paul says:

    Just saw 2 adult Nuttig’s Flycatchers or Brown crested flycatchers in my backyard in York, PA. Hard to tell which one since they seem very similar in appearance. (6/18/12)

    • john says:

      Any Myiarchus family flycatcher you are seeing in York, PA would almost certainly be a Great Crested Flycatcher. Nutting’s is a Central American species with only a handful of recorded sightings in the US, in Arizona, California, and Big Bend NP in Texas. Brown Crested is a southwestern species rarely seen east of the Mississippi, usually in the winter in Florida, and has never been reported in the middle Atlantic or Northeastern US.

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