Bridled Terns in the Gulf Stream

Bridled TernMay 7:  Finally got a chance to get out to the Gulf Stream off Miami to look for a Bridled Tern, a pelagic species I had managed to miss in the Florida Strait in previous years on two separate trips to the Dry Tortugas. The inimitable Roberto Torres led the 10-hour expedition of seven on his 33-foot boat out of Black Point Marina. Highlights of the outing were the surprisingly numerous (at least 75) Bridled Terns (species #717 forBarn Owl and – of all the unexpected things to see offshore – a Barn Owl! Other notables were at least 10 Sooty Terns, 3 Common Terns (unusual for the location), 15 Brown Boobies, 3 Northern Gannets, at least 75 Audubon’s Shearwaters, lots of Magnificent Frigatebirds, quite a few migrating passerines, one Pomarine Jaeger, and even a pair of Common Nighthawks flying low over the water.

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