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News and outings

2018 AOS Supplement

A chance for rare ducks

A newly discovered “tri-hybrid” wood-warbler!

A Pair of Armchair “twitches”

A surprise visitor in Boynton Beach

Alaska trip – May 31 – June 8, 2012

American Flamingos in Everglades NP

Annual Xmas Week Bird Count 2015

Annual Xmas week bird count in Palm Beach County

Another Florida Parakeet

Antillean Nighthawk – Marathon Key

August, 2013 – Taxonomic changes

Back to Southeast Arizona

Bahama Mockingbird in Lantana, FL

Barn Owls and Common Nighthawks

Barred Owls in Sarasota


Big Oaks NWR – Henslow’s Sparrow

Birding the Adirondacks

Black Swift in Ouray, Colorado

Black-faced Grassquit at Bill Baggs SP

Black-headed Gull and White-winged Crossbills

Black-whiskered Vireo

Bluff Point – Philadelphia Vireo

Bluff Point Fallout

Bluff Point, Groton, CT

Boynton Beach White-faced Whistling Duck

Bridled Terns in the Gulf Stream

Cape Cod Little Stint

Chasing the Colorado Chickens

Coastal Maine: Red-billed Tropicbird and Little Gull

Common Cuckoo in Rhode Island

Common Shelduck in Meriden

Connecticut Warbler – Florida Atlantic University

Connecticut Warbler – skulker extraordinaire

Connecticut Warblers – Richardson Park

Curlew Sandpiper – Bridgehampton, NY

Eastern Meadowlark species split

Eastern Whip-poor-will

Eastern Whip-poor-will

Egyptian Goose now “ABA countable” in southeast Florida

Evergreen Cemetery – April warblers

First-fall Warblers

Florida Warbler Migration

Florida Yellow-headed Blackbird

Fork-tailed Flycatcher – Hadlyme, CT

Fort Lauderdale – Spot-breasted Orioles

Four for four in Texas

Gator with dinner – maybe…

Green Cay – Hybrid Teal

Green Cay – La Sagra’s Flycatcher

Green Cay Wetlands – Least Bittern

Green Cay Wetlands – Least Bitterns and more

Green Cay Wetlands – Northern Waterthrush

Greenwich Audubon Center – Lawrence’s Warbler

Hammonasset Fall Shorebirds

Hammonasset Fallout

Hammonasset Grasshopper Sparrow

Hammonasset Sandpipers and more

Hammonasset State Park, Madison, CT

Hammonasset Stilt

Hammonassett Red Crossbills

Harris’s Sparrow in Connecticut

Horsehead Beach, Westport, MA

Iceland Gull – Madison, CT

Idaho’s Cassia Crossbill

Ivory Gull in Illinois

Ivoryton, CT – Olive-sided Flycatcher

La Sagra’s Flycatcher redux

Lawrence’s Warbler – Essex, CT

Least Bittern follow-up

Least Bittern revisited


Little Blue X Tricolored-Heron Hybrid

Little Egret – first Connecticut state record

Loxahatchee NWR

Loxahatchee NWR, Boynton Beach, FL

Lunar Eclipse


Menunketesuck Island

Meshomasic State Forest revisited

Monk Parakeets at Pilots Point

More Connecticut Shore…

More Florida Specialties

More Hammonasset Sparrows

More Sandpipers

More Springtime in Connecticut

Mount Washington, NH

Nanday Parakeet now ABA “countable.”

Nantucket Atlantic Pelagic

Neighborhood Screech-Owls

New Mexico – Rosy-Finches and more

Northern Goshawk

Northern Saw-whet Owl banding

Pacific Pelagics

Palm Beach County annual XMAS week bird count

Photographing Hawaii

Pink-footed Goose in Connecticut

Purple Swamphen now “ABA countable”

Purple Swamphens at Green Cay

Red-headed Woodpecker in Connecticut

Red-necked Phalarope, Portland, CT

Rose-ringed Parakeet in Boynton Beach

Roseate Spoonbill at Green Cay Wetlands

Rusty Blackbirds – Colchester, CT

Saltmarsh Sparrows, Madison, CT

Salton Sea and Pacific Pelagic 8/31 – 9/6

Seacrest Scrub

Sharp-tailed Sandpiper in Rhode Island

Shawangunk Grasslands

Shorebird Migration at Hammonasset

Smooth-billed Anis at Loxahatchee

Smooth-billed Anis nesting again at Loxahatchee

Snow Bunting comparison

Snowy Owl in East Haven

Southern Arizona Bonanza

Spanish River Park – Black-whiskered Vireo

Sparrow time in Connecticut

Spotted Dove at Santa Catalina

Springtime back at Hammonasset

Springtime in Connecticut

STA-5 – Snail Kites and more

STA-5 and Belle Glade Barn Owls

Taxonomic changes, July, 2014

Texas – Lower Rio Grande Valley

Texas Rio Grande Valley Trip – Feb 24 – March 4

The Cackling Goose that wasn’t…

The Great American Eclipse

The Great Dismal Swamp

The Rarest State Bird

The Tricolored Munias in Belle Glade, FL

The Whiskered Tern at Cape May

Thick-billed Vireo at Bill Baggs SP

Thick-billed Vireo in Dania Beach, Florida

Tropical Mockingbird in Lake Worth, FL

Updates from Hawaii

Variegated Flycatcher in Fort Lauderdale

Wakodahatchee Wetlands

Western Spindalis in south Florida

Western Trip: May 30 – June 11

White-winged Parakeet

White-winged Scoter at Pilots Point

Wood Sandpiper – Jamestown, RI

Yellow Rail Festival – Jennings, LA

Yellow-breasted Chat at Hammonasset

Zenaida Dove at Long Key SP