Greater Scaup


(Aythya marila)

Greater Scaup is distinguished from similar Lesser Scaup by rounder head and longer, broader bill.

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7 Responses to Greater Scaup

  1. Keith Taylor says:


    I was hoping that you would allow me to use your Greater Scaup image to reference as a painting. This is the pair standing on a small islet of weeds. I would really appreciate the highest red you have if you agree. Thanks

  2. Hi! May I also have permission to paint the picture showing an adult pair of Greater Scaups? Thank you!

  3. Lisa Carlson says:

    Hi John – I’ve sent a couple of messages here already and they don’t seem to be showing up. Would it be possible if I could use your image of the breeding pair of Greater Scaup standing on the little island for reference for a painting? I have a deadline to meet and you image is just wonderful for what I would like to do – please let me know, thank you. Please note I’ll reference you as the photographer of the reference image.

    • john says:

      Lisa, Sorry, but I haven’t seen this until today. If you send your messages to I will see them instantly. Of course you may paint the image (you don’t really need permission for that).

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