2018 AOS Supplement

June 30: Each summer the American Ornithological Society (AOS) issues a new list of various name changes, taxonomic changes, and species splits, and this year is no different. A number of changes affect North American species and are as follows:

While-collared Seedeater has been split into Cinnamon-rumped Seedeater (Sporophila torqueloa) whose range is limited to Mexico, and Morelet’s Seedeater (Sporophila moroletti) whose range extends into the ABA area in the Rio Grande Valley, and is now the only regularly breeding species of tanager found in the continental U.S.

Gray Jay, which prior to 1957 was known as Canada Jay, is now once again Canada Jay.

The Ammodramus genus of sparrows which formerly consisted of seven members (Grasshopper, Baird’s, Henslow’s, LeConte’s, Seaside, Nelson’s, and Saltmarsh, now retains only one – Grasshopper:

Grasshopper Sparrow remains Ammodramus savannarum.
Baird’s Sparrow is now Centronyx bairdii.
Henslow’s Sparrow is now Centronyx henslowi.
LeConte’s Sparrow is now Ammospiza leconteii
Seaside Sparrow is now Ammospiza maritima.
Nelson’s Sparrow is now Ammospiza nelsoni.
Saltmarsh Sparrow is now Ammospiza caudacuta.

The Picoides genus of woodpeckers has been split and loses Great Spotted Woodpecker, which is now Dendrocopos major.

The Old World chat genus Luscinia that includes Bluethroat is split into three genera. Bluethroat is now Cyanicula svecica.



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