Rock Pigeon


(Columba livia)

This is the familiar city pigeon, formerly called Rock Dove. It occurs in many varied plumages in addition to the most common gray with green and pink/purple highlights.

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2 Responses to Rock Pigeon

  1. Carol Dixon says:

    Can a Rock Pigeon be all white? We were given a VERY large dove. At first I thought it was a bull’s eye dove, but it looks just like your photo except it is pure white with red eyes. It also doesn’t coo like other doves we have had. It makes a lot of noises but it doesn’t really sound like a dove or a pigeon. It loves my husband though and grooms him all the time. Thank you.

    • john says:

      Pure white animals with red eyes are true albinos. Although rare, there’s no reason why you could not have an albino Rock Pigeon, but are you sure it isn’t some other species?

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